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The Complete Recruiter

Managers’ On Track to Success Experienced Agents Coaching System

140-page workbook,
3 audio CDs, and a bonus forms CD.$59.95.

Table of Contents

Read 10 New Recruiting Trends

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This comprehensive recruiting program provides everything you need to recruit the best agents. You’ll find step-by-step guidelines for developing an ongoing recruiting system, building your recruiting presentation, honing your interview skills, overcoming objections, and more.

The Complete Recruiter includes three audio CDs, a forms CD, and a 140-page companion workbook filled with worksheets and checklists, sample guidelines, job descriptions, interview questions, letters, ads, press releases, and more.

Instructor Carla Cross guides you through the workbook as you develop your own individualized recruiting program based on the strengths and needs of your business.

Highlights of the system include:

  • Understanding the seven recruiting trends that influence who gets the best recruit — Too many managers are operating on old paradigms and don’t understand why their recruiting strategies don’t work. You’ll learn how to recruit winners today.
  • Mastering the 11 skills you need to become an effective and persuasive presenter — You’ll learn how to prepare a truly effective recruiting presentation.
  • Putting together a visual recruiting presentation — People believe what they see, not what they hear. Too few managers use effective visuals in their recruiting presentations. You’ll learn how to increase your success rate by creating a more visual presentation.
  • Addressing the five main objections to joining your office — You’ll learn to realistically assess your agency, and overcome objections.
  • Building an effective recruiting program — Only five percent of managers have a written recruiting plan; you’ll learn how to build a program that works for you today and can be delegated in the future.

Table of Contents

  1. Building Your Program Around the Seven Trends that are Influencing Recruiting Today
  2. Establishing Your Vision and Values for Recruiting Strategy
  3. Finding a New Kind of Agent Candidate to Assure Productivity and Profits
  4. Partnering With Your Agents so They Become Recruiters for You
  5. Presenting Yourself as a Major Magnet to Recruit the Agents You Want
  6. Mastering the Eleven Critical Presentation Skills to Recruit Winners
    • Communicating Your Vision and Mission
    • Differentiating Features and Benefits
    • Promoting your Unique Qualities and Skills
    • Telling Your Story Compellingly
    • Developing New Asking/Probing Skills
    • Customizing the Presentation to Meet Your Recruit’s Needs
    • Refining Your Qualifying Skills
    • Attaching Benefits, Asking for Agreement, Keeping Candidate Control
    • Mastering the ‘AAA’ Method of Handling Objections
    • Increasing the Needs of Your Candidate — and Filling Those Needs
    • Making the Initial Prospecting Calls to Get Candidates
  7. Assembling an Effective Recruiting Presentation
  8. Systematizing Your Process
    • Checklists
    • Procedures
    • Pre-First Visit Letters/Materials
    • After First Visit Letter/Materials
    • Book of Greatness
  9. Your Marketing Plan for Recruiting
  10. Carla’s Ten Top Recruiting Actions
  11. Documents
    • Lead Generation: Making the Call and Opening the Conversation with a Potential Agent
    • Lead Generation: Making the Call to Experienced Agents Who Just Changed Companies
    • Lead Generation: Making the Call to an Experienced Agent
    • Lead Generation: Your Assistant Makes Recruiting Calls to Your Database
    • Letters to Potential Recruits
    • Letters to a New Potential Recruit
    • Letters to an Experienced Agent
    • Pre-First Interview Letter
    • Post-First Interview Letter
    • Recruiting/Selecting — Get Your Skills, Systems, and Processes in Place

About the Author

From her decades of experience as a real estate practitioner, Carla Cross has built a reputation as the contemporary authority on creating exceptional productivity and profits from people. Carla Cross shares her systems for peak productivity in her presentations, publications, and coaching.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with The Complete Recruiter, simply return your materials within 30 days for a complete refund.


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“After putting together all of my systems, I hired my first experienced agent! What helped me close her was the professionalism of my line of questioning at the interview, the excellent presentation book that I had developed, and the after-interview package that I sent out. All of this is thanks to your wonderful program The Complete Recruiter.”
— David Lindahl, CRB, P.H.P. Realty, Boston, MA

“It’s the finest resource available in today’s market. Carla’s found the answer for all of us who’ve been asking questions about positioning ourselves as better recruiters. The Complete Recruiter makes you look inside your company, your staff, and your future.”
— Jeff Hastings, CRB, CRS, Owner, Century 21 Hastings, Sioux Falls, SD, former president Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers

“I ordered and put myself through your Complete Recruiter. Up till now I couldn’t tell whether you were another book and tape seller or a real-deal trainer. You are a real deal trainer. Wow. Excellent stuff. Lots of work to do. I’m now prioritizing what I can do quickly to change my methods so I can keep interviewing as I change my system. Impressive.
— David M. De Luna, President/CEO, Exit Realty Partners