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NAR President Predicts Tight Mortgage Standards will Ease in 2015

Chris Polychron looks back on a successful career and forward to more growth in an exclusive interview with Real Estate Broker's Insider.

(Boonton, NJ, January 27, 2015) — Chris Polychron took over as president of the National Association of Realtors in November, among his many priorities is urging regulators and lenders to open up the flow of mortgages.

Polychron, is executive broker at First Choice Realty in Hot Springs, AR, but he says his main role is as an agent.

A former broker-owner, he sold his company in 2007. “It was good timing on my part,” Polychron says. “Unfortunately, I sold my name, too — they still have it up on their sign.”

Real Estate Broker's Insider spoke to Polychron about his career, business philosophy, and predictions for the future.

Overall he sees continued improvement noting:

“I think our market is going to do better next year. Our sales are up again for the second month in a row, unexpectedly. Our industry is going to do better as regulators loosen up on lending standards. They’re giving banks confidence instead of fear to go after some of the loans. You can go too far, and now they’re coming back to the middle. That’s going to be good for lenders, good for Realtors, but most importantly good for consumers.”

More from Chris Polychron appears in the January issue of Real Estate Broker's Insider.

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