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One Page Business Plan

One Page Business Plan

8-1/2" x 11", softcover, 110 pages, $34.95

Table of Contents

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A solid business plan allows you to monitor progress, hold yourself accountable, and control your business’s fate. And of course, it’s a sales and recruiting tool for courting key employees or future investors.

Now, there’s a simple business planning process — The One Page Business Plan.

This highly effective process has been used by thousands of business owners and managers since 1994. Everything you need is included in an easy-to-use book and CD set. You’ll find thought provoking assessments, helpful fill-in-the blank templates, and powerful examples that truly simplify the planning process.

The book and companion CD will help you:

  • Describe your vision for the organization in one compelling sentence
  • Write a mission statement in eight to 12 words
  • Define success in measurable terms that energize you and your team
  • Craft strategies that will serve as a blueprint for building your business over the next three to five years
  • Define and prioritize the critical initiatives, projects and programs that must be implemented to execute your strategies
  • Create focus and discipline within your business.

The CD makes it easy with:

  • Business plan templates
  • Simple, but powerful sales calculators
  • Budget worksheets
  • Scorecard accountability system, and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Assessments
  3. The Vision Statement
  4. The Mission Statement
  5. The Objectives
  6. The Strategies
  7. The Action Plans
  8. Assembling & Polishing the Plan
  9. Sample Plans

About the Author

Jim Horan is a former Fortune 500 executive, business author, speaker and senior advisor. Over the last 19 years, through books, seminars and consulting, he has helped tens of thousands of executives and business owners achieve significant breakthroughs in their businesses. In each case, The One Page Business Plan has been used to foster new levels of focus, clarity, discipline, accountability, and results.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with One Page Business Plan, simply return your materials within 30 days for a complete refund.


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“The One Page Business Plan process is like none other I have experienced. Our leadership team participated, with each one designing their own plan with his/her best thinking. I highly endorse One Page Business Plan.”
— Bob Fashano, The Guardian, Master Agency

“I’ve never seen a better way to deploy an organization’s purpose and plans than with this brilliant, simple, straightforward approach to planning.”
— Frank Tiedemann, CEO, Children’s Hospital & Research Center