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The Language of Real Estate

7th Edition

The Language of Real Estate

7-1/2" x 9", softcover,
483 pages, $40

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Much more than a simple dictionary or “cheat sheet,” The Language of Real Estate provides a comprehensive encyclopedia-like approach to literally thousands of real estate practices, concepts, and terms.

This brand-new edition expands the classic text that has been a desktop standard in the real estate industry for more than 35 years. From abandonment to zoning, if it occurs in the real estate profession, you’ll find it in The Language of Real Estate.

Known for its comprehensiveness and accuracy, this essential guide includes:

  • Complete, thorough, and accurate definitions for over 2,800 real estate terms.
  • Each definition includes basic text, several applications, and cross-references.
  • A list of real estate organizations, designations, and certifications including web references for further information.
  • A list of federal laws, acts, and regulations including detailed descriptions along with web references for further information.
  • Diagrams to help readers visualize difficult ideas in construction.

Fully updated and expanded, this 7th edition provides the most current and precise definitions and answers available.

About the Authors

John Reilly, DREI, and Marie Spodek, DREI, are experienced real estate educators and authors.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with The Language of Real Estate, simply return your book within 30 days for a complete refund.


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“This truly is the most complete compilation of real estate terms.”
— Gerald Cortesi, Harper Community College